Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Prezi

My Prezi demonstrates my journey to become a teacher. I go through my past, present, and future. I focus on more of why I want to be a teacher rather than the specific area of teaching. I chose to do this because honestly, I'm not 100% certain what I want to teach. All I know for sure is that my desire to teach is strong and I was inspired to take this path because I worked with a great group of children!

I really enjoy using Prezi. I think I like it the best out of any other tools. I've used Prezi many times in other classes. I like the ability to open it on any computer. I remember how difficult it was before I used Prezi to open my presentations on school computers because I have a Mac and the format never worked properly. I also like how it saves to a "cloud like" server rather than having to have a flash drive.

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